Cinematic Wedding Productions

Your wedding day is beautiful & unique, and we feel it takes something special to create a movie that is just as gorgeous. Our Cinema Production is designed to give you the coverage you’ll want to capture all the details, subtle nuances, & poignant moments and deliver them in a refined, artistic film that will bring tears to your eyes for years to come.

By utilizing a team of two cinematographers, we ensure a variety of camera angles and points of view that compliment each other to give a complete representation of the different elements from sweeping, wide-angle establishing shots to tiny details in your rings and flowers. Your team will interpret the day using an array of different high-definition cameras, lenses, and support rigs precisely chosen to reflect the essence of each event. Each piece of equipment helps to create shots that direct the eye, create a mood, and evoke emotions of joy & love.

Cinematography Demo Reel

Enlarge video to full screen for the most immersive experience and make sure you've selected "HD" to see all the fine detail!